High quality dog harnesses, collars and leashes

I started selling dog accesories on Etsy in 2017. When I got my dog, Irma I had trouble finding a no choke harness that would fit her. And I wasn't impressed with the dull designs I could find at the local pet stores either. Therefore I started making my own designs for Irma. After many admiring comments at the dog park I decided to try and sell some online, so other dogs could benefit.

I believe a dog harness should feel comfortable like a good bra. The V shaped neckline ensures a comfortable fit for the dog which will not choke or restrict movement of the shoulders.

I strive to make my product both fashionable and durable but please notice that some of the materials used may look worn faster than other more practical dog wear materials. Consider my products as fashion wear as opposed to sports/active wear in your own wardrobe:-)

Please contact me if you are not satisfied with a product. I always try to do better, and I would love to see how my products fit different dogs. Therefore I hope you will send me a picture of your dog wearing your purchase or tag me on facebook or Instagram (or use #hundekollektivet or #ByHundekollektivet). Don't hesitate to contact me for questions or special requests. Check out my Instagram account to see more of my shop: Hundekollektivet

I will refund any overage postage. So if you have paid too much, I will return the excess amount. Contact me if you want to know the precise shipping cost of your order.

Choose if you wish the cheapest option with no track and trace number
or if you wish to pay extra for the track and trace service when you order. Please note that I have no way of tracking your order with the cheaper option. Orders do get lost in the mail sometimes, although it rarely happens.

International: I ship from Denmark within 1-3 working days and it will reach you in an average of 7-21 days
Denmark: I ship from Denmark within 1-3 working days and it will reach you in an average of 2-5 working days

Please note, that not all metal adjusters are erosion resistant. If they get wet please dry them off thoroughly when you get home from your walk. I if your dog has been in salt water please rinse the metal adjusters and dry them off.
If dirty, wash your product by hand using a mild soap and warm water. Dry off metal components well. If you have questions about erosion resistant products, don't hesitate to contact me.

My products are hand made and I always do my best to make them as strong and safe as possible. However I cannot take responsibility if a product doesn't hold and your dog gets loose. Please use your good judgement when you pick a product for your dog. None of my dog harnesses, collars or leashes are suitable to be chewed on. If an item breaks do to chewing, I will not replace it. Please never use a damaged product on your dog.

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